Agile is the ability to both create and respond to change in order to profit in a turbulent business environment. Agility is the ability to balance flexibility and stability” – Highsmith, 2002

Introduction To Agile

Traditional Waterfall Approach
- Sequential Design Process ( Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance)
- Relies on a heavy up-front analysis and documentation of the need and problem, along with the proposed solution.
- Process is sequential, once step has been completed, developers can’t go back to a previous steps not without scratching the whole project and start from beginning.
- No room for change or error so a project outcome and a extensive plan must be set in the beginning.
- Critical factors for waterfall methodology stresses meticulous record keeping. Having such records allows for the ability to improve upon existing program in the future
- With the Waterfall methodology the client know what to expect. They will have an idea of the size, cost and timeline of the project. They will have a definite idea of what their program will do in the end.
Need For Agile
-Rapidly changing market and technology-the need to be cutting edge.

> Requirement Change
> Needs Change
> Priorities Change
> Technology Changes
> Fashion Changes

- Shrinking the “time to market” of products and increased innovation demands for customer.
- Reduction of testing and experimentation costs ( Simulation and automation).
- Customer value is delivered at point of sale, not at the point of plan.
- Need for an adaptive method of development rather than traditional, predictive methods.
Paradigm Shift From a Plan-Driven To Value Driven
Traditional Approach is plan Driven and originated from construction Industry, the blueprints, which are the requirements, are fixed and probably won’t change while the building is being built.

The value-driven agile approach switches the whole mindset. It assumes from the start that whatever requirements exist up front are not fixed and that they will change.

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